Welcome to the Fluidmix LTD


With over 25 year experience, the FLUIDMIX Ltd.’s specialists are actively involved in the selection, design, manufacture and assembly works up to the service of

  • liquid agitators
  • mixing tanks, storage tanks, heat exchangers,
  • solid mixers and solid conveying systems.

Our mixing equipment are applied on nearly every industry field, such as

  • chemical industry
  • gas- and oil industry
  • pharmaceutical industry
  • food industry

and many others…

FLUIDMIX Ltd. is specialized in the selection, design and manufacture of various agitation systems.


FLUIDMIX Ltd.’s specialists help you to re-utilize your outdated or worn mixer. After

  • modifying the components
  • refurbishing
  • executing maintenance works

your old mixers  are able to fulfill completely the imposed requirements.

To complete our package FLUIDMIX Ltd. also offers a range standard and specific custom designed drive components or systems (various gearboxes, electric motors, frequency inverters etc.).

FLUIDMIX Ltd. is the Hungarian representative of the well-known Italian gearbox producer ROSSI Spa.


  • Fluidmix ATEX labor gyúró dagasztó
  • Fluidmix élelmiszeripari keverő
  • Fluidmix keverő szerelés
  • Fluidmix többtengelyes keverő TriFM bel